Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Myself (Multimedia Club)

About myself... Hmm...

Well, I like to draw. A lot. Actually, now that I think about it... I'm jealous of other people who draw better than I do. But it's like for a split second only, I'd love to learn how to paint like a pro and make somewhat realistic illustrations. Not with the stuff I have with the black outlines. Maybe I should do coloured lines instead. You can see my deviantART page at: http://lazyradly.deviantART.com/

I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and don't have too many friends. Why? Well, because:

a. Alot of people at my school don't know anything about Steam (Or Valve for that matter)
2. TF2 is a really fun game

I'm interested in taking animation and art classes, y'know to improve my drawing and learn about animation. So if you know any in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, please comment. I REALLY want to learn this stuff, ESPECIALLY animation.

Animation is a lot of work, I know that because my first animation (though crappy) still took a lot of time, and it didn't even have sound! Also, I learned this quote from Ed, Edd n Eddy creator: Danny Antonucci which is really inspiring. "In order to become a good animator, you must love it."

I know I'm going all over the place, but... I'm bad at writing. Anyways, I hate sports. I hate it, Badminton's okay. Table Tennis while I really suck, it can be pretty fun. Football is stupid. Because I'm more good with my hands rather than my feet. Well, I gotta rush this because the teacher's telling us that we gotta go back to class.

Wow, that's pretty long and it's been like.... 2 years? Since I made a random post about nothing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The New Upcoming Movies

It is going to be in theaters on 9.9.09

It is rated PG-13 but I'm gonna watch it anyway.

There are other movies that are coming out too!

Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3-D on October 2nd only in theaters for 2 Weeks or 1 Week I forgot.

Toy Story 3 comes out next year....

It releases on June 18 2010

And Spider-Man 4 is coming to! it comes out someday in 2011.... 2 years from now :(

And in the 9 site there is a holographic program that will make the characters appear!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sonic underground and The3Eds.com

The3Eds.com is a place where you can download Ed Edd n Eddy Episodes

The Sonic Underground Show is Sonic's 1st Cartoon.

I've played in the rain on/in: Sunday,March 02, 2008 It was fun. I felt so cold. The Sonic Underground Show is the best show of Sonic the Hedgehog but now they don't show it anymore... why would they cancel a great show? I ask you. I'm downloading the torrent of all of its Episodes They have Episode 1-40 why 40? Knuckle's first apperance in Sonic Underground is Episode 14 and he is in other episodes

Sonia: Sister of Sonic

Manic: Brother of Sonic

Queen Aleena: Mother of Sonic

What the heck did happen to them? Sonic was in other Series but they were not in it.

http://the3eds.com/ has some of the episodes but you can download the torrent. Torrents are downloading programs which requires a Torrent Client like: Bittorrent and utorrent. Now i'm going to download A Fistful of Eds.Well goodbye now. Playing in the rain was fun. But it makes you sick you know.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


When Muna (My Sister) cook fries then when you eat it it will taste delicious!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

About Emulators

Feeling Boring of PC Games? Wanna play other platform games without paying? Well No MORE!

Go to: www.emulatorzone.com for Emulators! Emulators are for other platform games! Choose an Emulator you want then to download the Games of the Emulator Just go to Yahoo or Google then search for Whatever games you want to search for.After that type "ROM" if its a CD for Other Platforms and "ISO" for DVD ones! :D Well what do you think? Now you're not so boring! because you've got a few or an EMULATOR!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Aidilfitri and New Video Game

On Hari Raya i get to go to Anbakri's House one day then after the...whatever it is i played MUSICAL CHAIR! Well i didn't lose i'm so lucky! Thanks Allah! i hope i beat you people in Musical Chair too! My reward was RM20.00 now i have RM74.85 and don't even think about stealing my MONEY!!! >:( and i have a brand new Spongebob Wallet! oh and a drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog we bought it from Rantau Panjang! I buy a wallet just in case i lost my Money so i put all my Raya Duit in my wallet or i'll lost it! And i have a brand new game well its made from: 2004,2005 and the title of it is "Sonic Heroes" well gotta get back to...DO SOMETHING!!! (RUNNING FAST)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Virtual Gizmo

Are you bored of having no virtual pet or real pet or maybe a WEIRD PET? Well you don't have to cause you can download your own VIRTUAL GIZMO! But remember the rules or your gizmo will be in the cementery the rules are:Keep him out of the light he hates bright light even sunlight it'll kill him and keep him away from water don't get him wet and don't give him a bath... ...And the most importent No matter how much it cries no matter how much it begs never ever feed him after midnight.Oh and heres three adress for you to find it go to www.gremlinsonline.com find it anywhere at the right just click on anything except home to see it if you found: Virtual Gizmo click on it then you will go to:http://gremlins.sphosting.com/ if you click download you'll enter:http://gremlins.sphosting.com/downloads/index.htm and that last address is the one you want to go straight! Enjoy your Virtual Pet! Or should i say Virtual Mogwai!